Shooting Olympic Games Tokyo 2020


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Shooting at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games will see a record 300 athletes compete in the sport of shooting. The Games will be held in Japan from July 23 to August 8 and will feature 15 events in pistol, rifle, shotgun, and mixed gender teams. The ISSF has set MQS levels for each shooting event, so competitors can qualify at a high level and qualify for the Games. Here’s what to expect from the Tokyo 2020 shooting program.

Those hoping to qualify for the shooting events in Tokyo should watch for a few athletes with a great chance of advancing. Nick Mowrer, a sergeant in the US Army Reserve, won World Cup medals in both the rifle and pistol disciplines. He is the only American to ever win the podium in both events at the same World Cup. This year, he’ll represent Team USA in the 50-meter three-position rifle event. Regardless of the medal he wins, he’ll still be a young man with a lot to prove.

Despite the lack of media attention, the shooting events have plenty to offer. The US has a rich history of success in the Olympic Games, winning more than 110 medals, including 54 golds. China, on the other hand, has won 56 medals, with a lot of success in the sport. For fans and athletes alike, the shooting competition is a great way to watch a competitive sport in an exciting way.

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