Mexican Ice Cream Near Me


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There are many different places to get Mexican ice cream near me. I’ve tried La Newyorkina, Cieladito’s, Helados Mexico, and Neve de garrafa, and they are all excellent. However, there’s one place I highly recommend: a family-owned heladeria called La Guadalupe. I can’t say enough good things about it.

La Newyorkina

If you’re looking for homemade Mexican ice cream, look no further than La Newyorkina, a Brooklyn-based establishment with locations around the country. This ice cream chain is known for its unique ingredients and deliciously creative flavors. Try their paletas, churros, or popsicles to see how the authentic Mexican desserts are made. You can also try their popular Mexican hot fudge sauce!


You can find a great place to have Mexican ice cream near you at one of the many locations in the Coral Springs area. The owner and his wife Dulce have been making ice cream for more than twenty years. Shane is a retired Army officer and Dulce received extensive training in the art of making ice cream. Both of them make their ice cream from Florida dairy farm milk.

Helados Mexico

Helados Mexico ice cream is an authentic Mexican ice cream, made with natural ingredients from Mexico. The Strawberry bar is a popular flavor, with notes of coconut and mango. You can buy 12 bars of this delicious treat, and all of the ingredients are completely natural. Made with real fruit and cane sugar, Helados is also manufactured in the United States. The bars come in an attractive box and are served with a scoop.

Neve de garrafa

If you’re looking for a delicious dessert that tastes like Mexico, look no further than the neighborhood ice cream parlor. Neve de garrafa is a Mexican sorbet made with local fruits. The name refers to the container in which it’s made, a metal tub that sits inside a wood barrel filled with salty ice. The ice cream maker scrapes the icy liquid off the garrafa’s inner walls with a wooden util to produce a light, airy, and fluffy texture.


If you’re looking for the perfect sweet treat, you’ve probably considered a chamoyada. This Mexican ice cream is a mix of mango sorbet and chamoy sauce, a fermented condiment that is also known as a tamarind candy. If you’re looking for something different, try a diablito instead. These desserts combine shaved ice with chamoy sauce.

Tres leches

You’ve probably heard of tres leches dessert before, but haven’t tried it yet? If you’re looking for a real taste of Mexican culture, you should visit one of these delicious treats. This dessert is made famous by a cake made by soaking sponge cake in three different kinds of milk. In fact, it’s the most famous dessert in the entire world, so you’re sure to enjoy this ice cream.

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