Lori Harvey Net Worth


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What is Lori Harvey Net Worth?

We have just outlined some of the most important factors when calculating Lori Harvey’s net worth. Among these are her work as a model and her relationships with musicians, artists, and entrepreneurs. She is the daughter of Steve Harvey, and has been linked with a number of celebrities.


Lori Harvey is an American social media personality and model who was born on 13 January 1997. She belongs to the Christian religion. Her father is a television show host named Steve Harvey. She was raised in Memphis, Tennessee. In early childhood, she was interested in modeling. At a young age, she got a contract with L.A. Model Management agency. She later went on to model for other prominent fashion brands.

Currently, Lori has been working on several different projects and has built her net worth with modelling gigs. She has even started her own skincare line. She is also a big fan of Instagram and has millions of followers.


Lori Harvey is an entrepreneur and model. She was born in Memphis, Tennessee. She later attended a college in Florida. During her school years, Lori competed in equestrian competitions, with the goal of competing in the Olympics. After college, she started a modeling career. Her early years included several commercials. In 2021, she decided to create her own skincare line and launched SKN by L.H.

Lori Harvey’s net worth is estimated to reach $2 million by 2022. Her modeling career, which she has been in since she was three years old, has earned her $500 thousand a year. She also has endorsement deals, which help her earn money. Unfortunately, Lori Harvey has been involved in several controversies over the years.


Lori Harvey has an impressive social media presence with over 1 million followers on Instagram. She regularly posts sexy fashion shots, and is also active on Twitter and Snapchat. She has also been featured on numerous episodes of the Steve Harvey Show. Her love life is also very public. She has dated multiple men over the past 6 years, and her relationships are openly discussed.

Lori Harvey was born in Memphis, Tennessee, in 1997. She is the adopted daughter of comedian Steve Harvey. She started modeling at a young age and is represented by several agencies in the United States and Europe. She is also a model and has won several competitions.

Daughter of Steve Harvey

Lori Harvey is the daughter of Steve Harvey and Marjorie Elaine Harvey. She has enjoyed a string of high-profile relationships. Before she met her comedian father, she had a troubled childhood. Her mother was married to a drug lord. He spent 26 years in prison and was pardoned by former US President Barack Obama in 2017. Her mother’s involvement with the crime was also investigated.

Lori Harvey has had relationships with a number of high-profile people in the past, but she is now officially dating Michael B. Jordan. Harvey has been married three times and has seven children. Lori Harvey has dated music mogul Trey Songz and actor Michael B. Jordan for over a year and has made their relationship official on Instagram. Steve Harvey has praised both her beau and her new boyfriend in the past. In March 2021, he said he tried not to like Jordan.