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The tragic news about Zach, Tori, Jeremy and Isabel from TLC’s hit show Little People, Big World is shocking. Fans were devastated to hear that their favorite couple was no longer together. Amy’s father had been ill before their wedding, so fans were shocked to hear about his passing. It’s sad news for the little people, but fans must have cried. Here are a few things to think about.


There was recently sad news for fans of Little People, Big World. In the early 2022 season, fans saw an ad posted on Facebook that linked to a slideshow article that explained the life of the Roloff family. The sad news was revealed to be a tragedy affecting the entire family. Matt Roloff shared the news on his Instagram. In response to the tragic news, he offered a sincere message of support to his fans.


This week on Little People, Big World, the cast and creators shared some sad news regarding their son, Jackson. His parents, Zach and Tori Roloff, had been hospitalized for a few days last week. The little boy had dislocated his thumb but didn’t break any bones, but his parents were thankful it wasn’t worse. The news of Jackson’s impending surgery shook fans and made their hearts bleed.


Jeremy Roloff and Amy Roloff have been dating for two years, but there are rumors that he is cheating on her. The couple is known to be in a bad relationship, and some fans believe that Chris might be after Amy’s money. Regardless of what the rumors are, everyone seems to have moved on and have welcomed the new addition to the show. Unfortunately, this news is sad for fans of Little People, Big World, but there is still hope for this beloved TV show.


The sad news continues for fans of the children’s TV show. Jacob Roloff has quit the show and is expecting his first child. While the high amount of attention on Isabel may lead to more stares, he’s determined to stay off the show after becoming pregnant. As for Isabel, she will be back on the show when she’s finished with her pregnancy. This news can be disappointing for many fans.


Fans of the Disney Channel show Little People, Big World are in for a big surprise. Season 21 of the popular Disney Channel show is delayed until October, due to a coronavirus outbreak. In the meantime, Zach Marek, who usually gives pumpkin tours, has moved to another town. Matt was disappointed, but is happy that Zach didn’t buy the farm. He also regrets having quoted a price that was too high, thinking that Zach wouldn’t want to work on it.

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