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Many movie lovers don’t realize that X rated movies have different qualities from R or NC-17 rated movies. In the past, X rated movies were not rated, but today, some filmmakers still distribute their films without a rating. X rated movies aren’t all masterpieces. However, they do have different themes, and it’s not always easy to tell which one is suited for younger audiences.

X rated movies

If you’re not sure what an X-rated movie is, read this review to find out what you should be aware of. X-rated movies are usually not appropriate for young audiences. In the 1960s, the X-rating was a badge of honor for filmmakers who made a movie that appealed to more mature audiences. The word “nudity” was often associated with an X-rated movie, but as the decades passed, it became a negative connotation.

X rated movies vs R rated movies

The X grading system was created in 1969 after the MPAA decided to stop using the “R” rating in its adult-oriented films. The “X” rating had become synonymous with pornography, and the MPAA changed it to “R18”. By the early 1970s, fly-by-night film makers were using the X rating system on cheap sex flickers. The “R” rating acted as a barrier between good movies and terrible films, and the X-rated movies were deemed to be box-office poison.

X rated movies vs NC-17 rated movies

When it comes to film ratings, the two most common categories are X rated and NC-17 rated. The X rating, as you might imagine, is reserved for pornography while the NC-17 designation is reserved for films containing explicit material. The MPAA changed the designation from X to NC-17 in 1990, but this renaming did little to erase the pornographic connotation. While the NC-17 rating is a more accurate and fair representation of a movie’s content, it still carries a stigma that can make or break a film at the box office.

X rated movies vs unrated movies

Historically, the X rating was a badge of honor for filmmakers in the 1960s. It was a way to signal that a movie had nudity that would be deemed too obscene for children, while at the same time avoiding the scrutiny of local censorship boards. However, as decades went by, the X rating has taken on a more negative connotation.

X rated movies vs X rated movies

Until recently, only a handful of MPAA-produced movies were given an X rating. Then, producers reedited their films to get an R rating instead. Theater owners refused to book X-rated films and thus reduced their potential audience. In addition, many newspapers refused to advertise X-rated films. To combat the problem, the MPAA agreed to a new rating called NC-17 in 1990. Since then, the X rating has become synonymous with movies containing pornography.

X rated movies vs XXX rated movies

In the 1960s, a film with an ‘X’ rating was a sign of coolness and sophistication. Filmmakers were proud to earn such a rating, demonstrating to parents that their film would appeal to a discerning audience. As the sexual content of films became more acceptable, pornographers began using the ‘X’ rating in tandem with multiple Xs, giving the viewer the impression that a film is more graphic and disturbing.