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Fab Rats are a popular welding automotive fabrication company. They have been featured on YouTube and other media outlets for their all-American burns and turn of junk into treasures. Learn about their net worth and subscriber count to find out how much they earn per video. The following are some of the most popular Fab Rats videos:

Average earnings per video of Fab Rats

YouTube videos are very popular and Fab Rats are no exception. With a total of 291 thousand subscribers, this channel has become one of the most popular channels on YouTube. Although their finances are closely guarded, it is still possible to get a rough idea of their earnings from watching their videos. If you want to know their exact net worth, you can use Net Worth Spot to do the math.

Fab Rats’ subscriber count

As of this writing, Fab Rats have 291 thousand subscribers on YouTube. Their channel launched in January 2019. While they remain secretive about their finances, Net Worth Spot’s calculations make a fair forecast. To determine how much money they make from their channel, the team has made a series of videos and published them. To determine their total net worth, they’ve compiled their YouTube subscribers and their monthly views