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The artist’s work, Convertidos, is a punctum that combines his typographic-textile works with his return to painting. In doing so, he models the intention that they hope his demas will emulate. This article focuses on his work and aims to help others understand the process of this art. We also discuss the artist’s motivations for making these pieces. Let’s start from the beginning: the artists hope to achieve a certain aesthetic effect and not simply create works for the sake of them.

Convertidos is a punctum that builds (RE)CONVERTIDOS

This eerie, poetic, and often political piece is a reaction to the political excesses that are playing out on national television and on any street or individual. It arises from the artist’s administration of an insult, the stubbornness of opposing political sides, and the weariness of confrontation. But in the end, it’s about turning the horror into something humane.

It is a punctum that builds (RE)CONVERTIDOS

In his latest solo show, (RE)CONVERTIDOS, the artist combines typographic-textile works with painting. His previous exhibition, (A/S/L), explored contemporary management of online gay sexual practices and intimate manual techniques of sewing. While the concept is still alive, the digital age has made it seem impersonal and irrelevant. In this piece, however, the artist has created an intimate and compelling portrait of the current state of the world.