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If you have a Samsung Android smartphone, you’re probably using the default messaging application, This app allows you to send regular text messages and media messages. Because it’s a system application, you can’t turn it off. To uninstall it, though, you’ll need to either root your phone or freeze it.


The Samsung Call and Message Continuity application contains references to the Google Messages External Messaging API. This allows the Continuity service to send SMS messages to other devices. The Samsung Galaxy S21 uses Android Messages for its default SMS application outside of the United States, and Google Messages for other regions. Once installed, you can use Google Messages to send SMS/MMS/RCS.

Recycle Bin

Samsung phones come with a Recycle Bin that lets you delete and restore deleted text and photos. But this feature is limited to deleted photos and videos. If you’ve accidentally deleted a photo, you can restore it by opening the Recycle Bin in your Samsung phone. If you want to keep an entire conversation, you can also recover deleted text messages. It will stay in the Recycle Bin for 15 days. However, you can’t restore a deleted photo if it is no longer on your phone.

Text message encryption

There are several advantages of using Samsung Android messaging encryption. This feature is compatible with many Android devices. Its compatibility allows it to work with different phones from different carriers. It works by generating encryption keys on both phones and deleting them after use. The encryption keys are designed to ensure that strangers cannot read your messages and they are only useful when you are chatting with one person at a time. However, this feature is not currently available for group chats.

Message bubble colors

If you are tired of the default message bubble color and want to change it, you can do so with the Samsung Galaxy S10 using the settings app. Open the application menu, swipe up to bring up the applications menu, and tap Wallpaper and Themes. Choose the color you want for your bubbles, and then tap the back button to save your changes. You can also change the color of stickers and emojis.

Searching for hidden messages

There are two main ways of searching for hidden messages on Samsung Android devices: sifting through the device’s internal memory or using third-party applications. While the former may be quicker, sifting through folders of text messages can be a tedious task, and the latter can be risky – some of these apps can collect user data or spam their users. Fortunately, there are some methods for searching for hidden messages that work just as well.

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